Serving Child and Adolescent Clients Since 2009

     My passion is helping children unfold their greatness and create exceptional life strategies.  I graduated with a doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis from an APA-accredited psychology program at the University of Northern Colorado in 2019.  I graduated with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology in 2011 from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  My doctoral fellowship and post-doctoral training occurred at Children’s Hospital of Colorado as well as Denver Public Schools, where I provided assessment, therapy, ABA, and other psychological services at both institutions.  My pre-doctoral internship was at Florida State University, where I served children and adolescents at their Multi-disciplinary Center as well as elementary and middle schools within the North Florida community.  Additionally, I have peer-reviewed published works related to autism and neurodevelopmental disabilities.  I am a married mother to four amazing children, including two teenagers.  See below for articles.  Please connect with me via email to learn more about services to unfold the excellence within your child.


Florida Licensed Psychologist #PY 11276

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Licensed Psychologist PSY.0005435

Colorado Department of Education, Special Service Provider  (School Psychologist, SSP) #328747

Nationally Certified School Psychologist #61000 
Member, American Psychological Association  

Member, National Association of School Psychologists 


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