Sandy Beach


Practicing Pediatric Neuropsychology and Therapy for Neurodiverse Children,

Adolescents, and Young Adults

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Treatment and Testing for Autism, ADHD, OCD, OCPD, and other neurodiversities 

Parent Consultation and Parenting Therapy

HIPAA-compliant Telehealth Counseling

Expertise in ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and Neurodevelopmental Exceptionalities

Former staff pediatric psychologist at leading pediatric hospitals and universities

Ask about your FREE standardized behavioral assessment* (offered after intake appointment)

Is your child, pre-teen, or teen struggling with any of the following? 

As a young adult, do you have the following challenges?

  • Completing tasks

  • Sustaining attention

  • Social skills

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Social communication or interaction difficulties

  • Exhibiting poor behavior choices

  • Poor coping skills for emotions

  • Repetitive behaviors or sounds; insistence on "sameness"

  • Possible dyslexia or reading disability

  • Appearance of developmental difficulties or delays, but professionals have been unable to "figure it out"

  • Seems unmotivated or in need of goal-setting and personal development

Change your child or teen's life!  Let's create positive choice and behavior patterns as well as improving social and life functioning.  I offer neuro therapy, STEM-focused therapy, comprehensive assessment (testing), and other treatment modalities to help your child, teen, or young adult become problem solvers and gain life skills.  With clinic and hospital training and expertise, you can be assured you are working with the best person for your child or teen.  Click on the "Services" tab on the menu at the top of this page to learn more about what is offered at Lighthouse Counseling.

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