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8 Strategies to Return to Learning in 2020

by Dr. Leisha

Once again, we are approaching fall, and a new school year has begun for most children and teens. Whether your child is attending full time, in-person, on a hybrid schedule, or is receiving instruction completely online, we can all agree things are vastly different now. In the spirit of overcoming challenges and building resiliency, here are 8 ways you can help your child cope with changes this school year.

  1. Have your child help make decisions regarding their learning space, decorations, organizing their materials, and reducing distractions.

  2. Teach your child mindfulness strategies! Deep breathing, focusing on today, squeezing and contracting muscles, and thinking kind, loving thoughts are a great start.

  3. Take practical steps, such as teaching thorough hand-washing techniques. YouTube has videos that demonstrate these in an age-appropriate way.

  4. Model good coping skills. When you show your child how calmly you are coping with the situation, your child will likely practice those skills.

  5. Allow and encourage them to ask questions about COVID-19 and have an open discussion.

  6. Provide journaling, art, and crafting materials so that kids can express their feelings with the right side (emotional-creative) brain.

  7. Remind your child that he/she will be safe and you will protect them.

  8. Seek out the services of a licensed psychologist if you feel your child or teen could benefit from a safe space to talk, play, practice coping skills, and express their emotions.

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