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Committed to celebrating the uniqueness of the whole child, including the beautifully autistic brain, I would consider it an honor to work with your child.  Social skills, problem-solving, getting "unstuck," understanding emotions in self and others, and the complexity of living in a neurotypical world are all concepts covered in therapy.  Your child's therapy will be tailored to yours and your child's goals with love and acceptance.

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Whether you are looking for a therapy in place of medication or adjunctive to medicine, I can help.  We work on life and study strategies, social skills, cognitive flexibility, distraction resistance, and other evidence-based skills.  Every month we have science week, practicing what we have learned while conducting science experiements!

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As a hospital-trained psychologist, I have the expertise to help your child with other neurodivergences such as OCD, Tourette's, Selective Mutism, Medically Complex children, Learning Disabilities, Sensory, and related needs.